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Haihaisoft Universal Player Strong On Versatility


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Haihaisoft Universal Player is a powerful media player for playing almost all media formats, and plus play DRM-X platform protected content.

One Haihaisoft Universal Player is equivalent to: Windows Media Player+ Real Player+ Adobe Flash Player+ Apple QuickTime Player+ PowerDVD+ Flash Video (FLV) Player+ Internet Explorer+Image Reader
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Haihaisoft DRM-X Pakcager - Your Powerful Encrypting Tool!


Haihaisoft DRM-X Packager is the encrypting tool for protecting media files based-on Haihaisoft DRM-X Platform. It is Windows Application, and the size is only 655 KB. You can encrypt the most popular media formats, such as, Windows Media (WMA, WMV, ASF), Real Media (RM, RMVB), Flash Video (FLV) and AVI media format. It is the first DRM encrypting tool which can support the world's 3 software giant's format: Microsoft Windows Media, Realnetworks Real Media, and Adobe Flash Video file format.
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 Nokia N76 Red: supports playing DRM 2.0-protected songs

December 27. 2007

N76 is the multimedia computer that lets you do it all and with personal color options, tempered glass and mirrored steel. The Nokia N76 Red features a slim body and gorgeous internal display. The multimedia-centric smart phone is equipped with a fairly robust media player, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 2-megapixel camera. Sound quality for calls and music is also good.The Nokia N76 Red offers sexy looks and good multimedia performance, and very nice cellular phone. The Nokia Learn more


  Illegal film and TV downloaders could lose their links to the web

December 28. 2007

Internet users who download pirate films or television series could soon see their service suspended as political pressure grows on broadband service providers to stop illegal downloads.
The Government has given notice of its concern at the “huge cumulative effect” of illegal downloads and called on internet service providers (ISPs) to examine ways to reverse the trend. Learn more



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