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  New Generation DRM--- Haihaisoft DRM-X!

Haihaisoft DRM-X is the next generation of DRM technology. It is based-on Haihaisoft’s own DRM engine. DRM-X platform supports almost all of the most popular digital media formats, such as Windows Media format (wma, wmv, asf), Audio Video Interleave format (avi), Real Media format (rm, rmvb), and Flash Video format (flv). It has some special features, such as Black List, and authentication combined with hardware. It’s more secure, and it’s the most powerful Media DRM in the industry.   More...


  Intertrust Releases Royalty Scheme for Mobile DRM

Intertrust announced on Tuesday a new patent licensing program for consumer device makers who implement OMA DRM (either version) or Marlin DRM.  Royalty rates are set at EUR 0.25 (US $0.35) per device.  For makers of OMA DRM or Marlin software for PCs, there is a cap of EUR 400,000 ($566,000) per year.  Intertrust is offering a "royalty holiday" as inducement to those who sign agreements by the end of this year: it will not charge royalties for any devices shipped before July 1, 2008.  The royalties cover licenses to patents from Intertrust as well as its owners, Sony and Philips.  More...


   Windows Media DRM Hacked Again

An updated hack to Windows Media DRM was released last Friday on the Doom9 forum.  This is the third release of FairUse4WM and features an easy-to-use user interface, in the manner of DVD-ripping tools such as 321 Studios' DVD XCopy.  The author calls himself Divine Tao, an anagram of viodentia, the author of the original FairUse4WM.  Unlike previous versions, this one appears to work with files from subscription services like Napster, not just permanent downloads.  It also works on files from Microsoft's Zune Marketplace, which uses a different DRM.  More...


  CTIA Roundup: DRM from Practical to Visionary and Things in Between

CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) held its Spring show this week in Orlando, Florida, with over 40,000 attendees. At a mobile music panel, speakers emphasized the role of superdistribution which would turn a consumer into a retailer. Warner Music Group's Michael Nash, SVP of Digital strategy and business development, said without DRM, there is no prospect for superdistribution. The author spoke at a session on distributing mobile content and the role of DRM within that. More...


  Slow-Starting E-Books Find Niche Markets

NEW YORK (AP) — For a decade now, publishers have been hoping to wean readers off books and move them to electronic versions, which are much cheaper to produce and distribute.

It just hasn't happened, even with the support of an electronics giant like Sony, which put out a dedicated e-book reader last year. Inc. recently followed up with its own reader. More...




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