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Haihaisoft DRM-X1.0 - Spanish website officially launched.

June 10, 2010

Haihaisoft DRM-X1.0 Spanish website officially launched in June 2010. Haihaisoft DRM-X1.0 Spanish website introduced to further speed up the pace of internationalization of Haihaisoft.

On the home page of Haihaisoft DRM-X, you can easily choose and change website languages - Spanish and English. It is sophisticated design and elegant color, the content providers can easily use DRM-X protect their digital content.

Haihaisoft, is the world leader in digital rights management industry. Since it was founded in 2004, Haihaisoft team has been to concentrate efforts on the DRM industry. From the first DRM system based on Microsoft's Windows Media DRM, and now the world's leading digital rights management platform, Haihaisoft is committed to develop effective digital copyright protection software and solve the serious content pirate’s problem in the world.

Haihaisoft's services and solutions are deployed by companies in entertainment, consumer electronics, gaming, software, information publishing and corporate IT markets to solve industry-specific challenges.
DRM-X platform launched in 2007, just in three years, the licenses have delivered 70,000,000. More than 9,000 businesses using DRM-X now, and the visitors from more than 193 countries. Haihaisoft Universal Player and PDF Reader have powerful features and keep updating, the global downloads have also been successful breakthrough 5,000,000 so far. They have been well received by many users worldwide.

In order to better serve Latin American, Europe's Spanish customers to use DRM-X platform, Haihaisoft DRM-X1.0 Spanish website officially launched in June 2010.

Haihaisoft will continue to develop and comply with the globalization process, Haihaisoft offers content protection and related solutions for different languages customers in the world.

About Haihaisoft

Haihaisoft, founded in 2004, is the leader in digital rights management industry. Haihaisoft's mission is: Powering Digital Content Trade, and makes content securely accessible and valuable.

To fulfilling that mission, Haihaisoft needs to solve the serious content pirate’s problem in the world. From 2003, the founder Haibo Shi and Hairui Shi started to build the DRM system and release the first product Riboo Media DRM protector. Haihaisoft developed a new approach to protect content: content owner just needs to register an account online and then can easily protect, publish, and sell almost all Audio/Video format and PDF documents in a single system. All software are kept updating to against pirates. The content protection has never been so easy and reliable.

Learn more about Haihaisoft: InternationalChina

Learn more about Haihaisoft DRM-X: InternationalSpanishChina

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