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YouTube boosts video quality

2008-3-25 14:20


YouTube is now offering many videos in a higher quality format, and letting users decide if they want the higher quality versions. The offering is dependent on the source material uploaded to YouTube, and is not restricted to partner content. “We are especially excited about offering this upgrade in video quality to our community of filmmakers and animators, who have been requesting this feature for some time”. To help support the initiative, uploads of up to 1 GB are now supported.

Higher quality videos also have a link right below the video player which will allow you to select between the normal or higher quality settings.

Also, on your Account page you’re now able to choose “always show me higher quality when available”.

Facebook application to allow send footage from Hollywood movies

A new application called VooZoo, created by Paramount Pictures/Viacom and the Los Angeles-based developer FanRocket, will allow Facebook users access to footage from thousands of Hollywood movies to send to others.

Paramount Pictures is the first major studio to make clips from thousands of its movies available for use on the Internet. The studio will market DVDs of the movies through a button that appears after each clip is played. It eventually wants to use the application to virally market upcoming releases.


Haiaisoft  DRM-X : the most powerful DRM system!

Haihaisoft DRM-X provides the unique, cost-effective and highly secure on-demand DRM service that you can easily protect, publish, and sell Audio/Video and documents. It gives you total control over who accesses your digital content and under what terms, enabling you to increase revenue, bring products to market faster, and attract new customers.

With the revolutionary technology of DRM-X, it supports the most popular media formats, such as, Windows Media (WMA, WMV, and ASF), Real Media (RM, RMVB), Flash Video (FLV), AVI media, and PDF document. It is the first DRM platform which can support the world's 3 software giants' format: Microsoft Windows Media, RealNetworks Real Media, and Adobe Flash Video and PDF file format.

No matter Adobe or Micorsoft, Haihaisoft are still becoming the leader in DRM industry.


PS3 will be the first Blue-ray player with Internet access

This month Sony will release a free update to the PlayStation 3 console that adds the ability to download video, games and ring tones. The update will also install Blu-ray’s BD-Live capability and wireless communication with PSP Portables. This handheld device will be a remote control for playing music on the PS3 and stream linked video files from the Web.

This PS3 will become the first Blue-ray player on the market with Internet access, offering a wide variety of downloadable movie trailers, bonus material and more.

With the updates, Sony wants to build the gaming console’s status as entertainment hub.

Adobe extends Flash DRM to downloads

Adobe has launched new software that offers DRM protection for downloaded Flash. Instead of an ordinary web download, these programs can use a proprietary, secret Adobe protocol to talk to each other, encrypting the communication and locking out non-Adobe software players and video tools.

Its new Flash Media Rights Management Server enables big media companies to put tighter restrictions on their content. Content owners can set customized restrictions including how long the content can be viewed, whether an ad needs to b watched first, and who can view it.

”Whether a media publisher wants to limit access to a live Webcast or enable on-demand viewing of advertising-supported, free or paid-for programming, protecting media content is key to developing next-generation television business models,” Adobe says.

Comparing to Haihaisoft, Adobe is too slow this time.They must spent much more time and money on DRM if they want to surpass Haihaisoft.


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