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Zhejiang University Libraries network platform adopts Haihaisoft DRM-X.

Aug. 25, 2010

Zhejiang University Libraries(ZUL) network platform adopts Haihaisoft DRM-X Platform to protect its PDF documents. ZUL is one of the oldest university libraries in China, the total collections held by the library amount to 5,720,000 volumes (items). ZUL operates the international advanced integrated automation system “Horizon”, which connect the five branches through campus network and offer online circulation service for more than 70,000 registered readers. The volumes of circulation amount to 2,500,000 annually.

With Haihaisoft DRM-X protection, ZUL securely deliver the protected PDF documents to students online. Haihaisoft DRM-X gives ZUL total control over who accesses their PDF e-Books.


  1. Haihaisoft PDF ActiveX control. It allows students read eBooks directly from ZUL’s website through IE browser.
  2. With DRM-X strong encryption and protection, ZUL’s PDF e-Books are safe and secure.
  3. With Haihaisoft DRM-X PDF Packager Command Line Program, ZUL can automatically batch encrypt huge amount of data.

Learn more about Haihaisoft: International | Spanish | Chinese

Learn more about Haihaisoft DRM-X: International | Spanish | Chinese

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